Student Council



The mission of the Student Council at P.S. 120Q  is to help students develop leadership skills, participate in community service, build school spirit and make our time in elementary school a memorable and rewarding experience. Members of the Student Council will work closely with other students, parents, and administrators to create a culture of cooperation and goodwill.  Through activities such as fundraising, community service, and participation in school events, Student Council members will work as a cohesive force to drive home the concept of school spirit and civic responsibility.


  • Developing and promoting leadership abilities among students

  • To provide students with the ability to participate in school wide initiatives.

  • To develop skills in good citizenship such as: understanding how a democracy works; teaching respect for authority; gaining practices in self-discipline; training for leadership; and accepting responsibility.

  • To provide a forum for student expression.

  • To develop and maintain school spirit.

  • To assist in solving school problems.

  • Building a partnership between the school and community with service