Public School 120 Queens is a multilingual elementary school located in Flushing, New York.  PS 120 shares a joint effort of participation and commitment with multiple organizations in preparing our students.  Our goal is to ready our students to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning

  • Experience cultural arts

  • Apply their talents to the service of others

Our major goal is to prepare students for success in their education today and in their future workplace.  Together with parents we are commited to preparing students by:

  • Creating an enviornment where all students (General Ed., Special Education, Bilingual and E.L.L.) can explore, experience, dream and thus be empowered with knowledge both in school and in the home. 

  • Providing opportunities to improve critical thinking skills and thus encouraging high standards of excellence for all students.

  • Teaching the whole child in a nurturing environment where cultural and language barriers diminish.

The History of P.S. 120 Queens

The original PS120 was built in 1924 and had its beginning as a pretty, wooden, one story building architecturally suited to the country like atmosphere had once was so characteristic of Queensboro Hill.  The school consisted of six classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to grade 5.  When the children were ready for the sixth grade, they were transferred by stagecoach and later by bus to PS 120 in Flushing, from where they graduated upon completion of the eighth grade.  In the original school (or the "little school" as the neighborhood people referred to it), the children attended classes on a split session, making it possible for them to eat lunch at home.  There was no gymnasium in the original school.  The children had recess and played in the open fields that were adjacent to the school.  This play area was on the site of the present building.  There was not an auditorium either.  Large rolling blackboards between the two classrooms were moved to one side to accommodate classes and parents in one area.

Today, PS120 services about 1000 students in PreK-5.  With the addition that opened in September 1999, PS 120 has a total of 46 classrooms.  The new addition features air conditioning, a fully equipped science room, music room, computer lab, and cafeteria.  Our cafeteria seats four hundred children.  Children are able to have outdoor recess in the school yard.