Student Ambassador



The mission of the P.S. 120Q Ambassador program is to support staff members and students at school events and share the P.S. 120Q experience with families and community members as greeters and guides. P.S. 120Q Ambassadors are a diverse group of students who are role models among their peers and are interested in positively impacting the school’s culture.


  • Create a welcoming respectful environment for fellow students, staff members, parents, guardians and the community at large.

  • Further develop students’ leadership abilities by providing varied experiences and perspectives.

  • Foster effective communication and collaboration skills for student leaders.

  • Provide an authentic service learning experience to build social and emotional constructs such as maturity, commitment, dependability, confidence and positive attitude.

P.S. 120Q Ambassadors will assist in a variety of events that will include, but are not limited to:

  • Student of the Month

  • Community Leader Visits