Mascot Managers



The mission of the P.S. 120Q Mascot Managers club is to empower students to care for our school's Bearded Dragon, Beatrice, by learning more about this particular species and taking on the responsibility of daily maintenance as well as educating their peers about their work.  Through this work, students are exposed to various skills that prepare them for College and Career readiness, with particular focus on Zoology.  


  • Create a daily routine of students working directly with the Principal on an important task

  • Maintain a comfortable living environment for our Bearded Dragon by monitoring her heat levels, her food consumption, and her digestion, as well as giving her care and attention.

  • Collecting data about Beatrice's habits to study the species and share information with their peers

  • Make announcements about Beatrice on a weekly basis on the morning radio show, Dragonfire Radio,  to keep the community at large informed of their duties and Beatrice's life