What is the Mood Meter?

The Mood Meter is a tool used to recognize and understand emotions.  The Mood Meter helps us to understand that all emotions are ok.  We all experience a wide variety of emotions throughout our lives daily.  We also begin to learn about appropriate strategies for self-regulation of our emotions. 

The Mood Meter is divided into four color quadrants - red, blue, green, and yellow - each representing a different set of feelings. Feelings are grouped together on the mood meter based on their pleasantness and energy level.


Red feelings: High in energy and more unpleasant
Blue feelings: Low in energy and more unpleasant
Green feelings: Low in energy and more pleasant
Yellow feelings: High in energy and  more pleasant

Here's a Mood Meter Introduction Video to learn more.

Why recognize feelings? 

Helping members of our school community, especially students, recognize feelings helps them understand how feelings impact decisions and behaviors. It's also the first step in helping students develop empathy, the ability to understand the feelings o of another person.   

Using the Mood Meter at Home

Here's a list of family activities to put the Mood Meter into practice at home!