Chess Club




The mission of the Chess Club at P.S. 120Q is to promote chess as an educational and engaging activity. As the game of chess is governed by math logic, learning to play and playing routinely will supplement students’ learning in math class, enhance problem solving abilities, and build math skills at each child’s individual pace.



  •  To inspire a love for the game of chess

  •  To build chess-playing skills and strategies

  • To develop time management skills in our students by working toward playing timed chess

  • To encourage students to work collaboratively to develop strategies

  • To enhance students’ problem solving abilities

  • To supplement students’ math learning in the following ways:

  • Geometry: visual-spatial reasoning, help with transformations, analysis of shape properties in 2- and 3- dimensions

  • Algebra: understanding patterns

  • Measurement: handling units and measure

  • Number & Operations: handling whole numbers and operations, help with sets and fractions, support base-ten number system

  •  Encourage students to learn to analyze data by evaluating and collecting evidence, predicting outcomes/probability concepts and unifying and questioning numerical data.